Discover Talex. International sales, CMS and PIM e-commerce platform. 

  • over 25 years experience and expertise
  • over 1800 clients that we have helped since 1997
  • we can code – totally flexible solutions are what we are known for
  • worry free – we take care of all the technical stuff. You focus on selling!
  • 100’s of ready-made integrations and apps
Talex. International sales, CMS and PIM e-commerce platform.

Flawless Collaboration

The market’s most popular payment solutions, logistics, suppliers, shipping and dropshipping systems, etc. can be connected with our system. Together with our partners, we can offer unique solutions that enable you to sell, charge and deliver as you wish.

Talex API can also be used where there isn’t already an integration, or where you need a customized solution between Talex and another system.

Rest assured, Talex is at the forefront with a system that can satisfy all customers’ needs – large and small.
Should you lack any function, we can almost always fix it!

Unlock the power of customization

Totally customizable and flexible solutions. We are well-known for this. This is our niche as a SAAS (Software as a Service) supplier.


Our system has endless possibilities which makes it very powerful.
In addition to the functions included as standard, there are 100’s of other additional functions. Read more.

Flawless Collaboration
Global store and e-Trade

Global store and e-Trade

Multi languages and currencies. Support for 25 languages and all currencies!

Reviews and Recommendations

Over the years we have helped more than 1800 customers in Scandinavia, Europe and the USA.

– In many different languages ​​and currencies. Everything from small businesses to large companies with a B2B store that is integrated with their ERP and inventory systems.