Sell wholesale and/or DTC, all from one store or seperate stores - your choice

B2B/Retailer module for the Talex webshop, including separate prices for different customers or customer groups. B2A, B2B, B2C (DTC)
Different discounts/prices or price lists for different customers or customer categories/groups.

The add-on function has a number of different possibilities to give a reduced price on the products. In addition to assigning each customer or a customer group a discount value that applies to all or some of the products in the store, you can also give each individual customer or a group a special price on a specific product.
This additional function also includes the option to decide that only logged-in customers should be able to see the product prices. Read more


B2B Stores

There are several ways for us to configure a B2B, or Business to all store.

  • Show the products to everyone, however, without a price (until you log in).
    (+ advantage – prospective customers can window shop the range and search engines can index everything – but not prices)
  • Do not display the products (you must log in first).
    (- possible disadvantage – prospective customers cannot window shop without first creating an account and search engines will not enter at all).
  • Everyone must create an account directly and is assigned the standard price list directly (the B2C list maybe) then the shop owner can assign another price list etc if he wants for B2B.
    (+ advantage – prospective customers can window shop the range and search engines and price agents can index everything – including standard prices).
  • All new accounts must first be approved by the admin/store owner
    (- possible disadvantage – approved by clicking a button. A little extra work for you and the customer has to wait a bit).
  • Everyone can see the standard prices (including guests) – but own prices are shown after logging in (different discount/prices or price list for different customers or customer category) or a combination of the above and a B2C/B2B store in one. It’s called B2A (Business to All)!

    We have done the most within B2B/resellors and B2C. We guide you right!



Totally customizable and flexible solutions. We are well-known for this. This is our niche as a SAAS (Software as a Service) supplier.