To make it easier for our customers we offer package solutions


Mini (get-started) package

Perfect get-started store with professional support and hosting. Suitable for those who sell primarily to private consumers and/or companies (with the same prices) in Swedish or Norwegian plus English.
Everything is included, including the market’s smoothest checkout solution with all common payment methods.

Plus package

Suitable for those who want several marketing modules and/or manage digital flows such as products, orders and customers between marketplaces. Supports even virtual products.
Swedish, English plus two other Nordic languages (frontend) and all currencies.

Premium package

Suitable for you who sell globally to both private consumers and companies and/or those who want Resellers / Contract customer functions such as different prices, products, payment/shipping options and more for different customers or customer groups. Swedish, English plus two extra languages and all currencies. 

Max package

Fully tailored to your business needs. Total creative control and full flexibility, Available even for headless e-commerce which enables you to seperate your back-end infrastucture and front-end customer touchpoints so that you get more control over buyer and developer experiences.

Good to know
You can always upgrade a package at any time and just pay the difference, (you can also downgrade from the start of the next payment period).

You can often add extra services and apps to an existing package, so it might not be necessary to upgrade if you lack a specific function.
You can pay quarterly or save approx. 20% by paying annually.
Monthly prices below are a comparative price when paying yearly.
We have no start fees, but almost everyone invests in a custom design.

Complete e-commerce solutions

No start fees, but almost everyone invests in a custom design.
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Apps, Services and Products

Our e-shop solution is a comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce webshop solution and we create special functions as needed.
Talex = Full freedom and the largest range of extra functions.
In addition to the functions included as standard, there are many other additional functions. Read more.

Talex - The Customizable E-Commerce Platform

In the beginning, we intentionally based Talex webshop (formerly in 2002) on open source code so that we could develop new functions quickly and continuously without having to reinvent the wheel over and over again. At least not completely. 
We still benefit a lot from the open source that partially remains in our system.
In this way and because we also have many customers, we can develop new functions at very reasonable prices that are also very reliable and secure.

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Some of our partners

"Talex - Great possibilities to expand, Help with design, marketing & business development. Automated systems and processes. Can handle new needs arising from growth. Cost-effective further development"